100% Organic and Natural Products made in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Bee® Organic Honey. The best honey in the world is produced in the virgin forests of Bulgaria.

We supply premium quality of nuts, seeds, dry fruits and other products from Bulgaria to the rest of the world.

Choose from a variety of organic & conventional,
healthy & energy foods.




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About the company

Bulgarian Nuts Ltd. is a food manufacturer, importer, exporter and distributor of bulk and packaged snacks & specialty foods. We are supplying the highest quality Nuts, Seeds, Kernels, Dried Fruit, Cereals, Health Foods, Confectionery, Snack Foods and Spices from Bulgaria to our international clients all over the world.

Our fascination for delicious flavours, distinctive aromas, exotic tastes and unique textures is what drives us along with our commitment to outstanding quality and innovative culinary ideas.

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