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Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon Seeds
  • Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon Seeds

High quality watermelon seeds natural and organic, supplied by Bulgarian Nuts


Watermelon is delicious, but many people do have a clue how healthy are the watermelon seeds. The main benefits of watermelon seeds are:

  • The seed of watermelon provide some of the basic amino acids, including tryptophan and glutamic acid. Lysine plays an important role in the absorption of calcium and the formation of collagen and connective tissue in the body. Arginine helps improve metabolism, cardiovascular and sexual health.
  • Watermelon seeds are a good source of dietary fibre – both soluble and insoluble. They are useful for smooth and easy bowel movements and treatment of constipation.
  • Watermelon seeds are rich in magnesium, which is responsible for the normal functioning of the heart, promote normal blood pressure, support energy metabolism and protein synthesis.
  • Watermelon seeds were traditionally used to treat edema as a home remedy – a teaspoon of dry seeds of watermelon powder is consumed with honey.