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Corn Flakes Crumbs
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Corn Flakes Crumbs

Corn Flakes Crumbs, this product is an alternative to the traditional bread crumbs suitable for breadings when frying meat, vegetables, champignons or cheeses. You can combine it with rice flour and use as breading. You can also use the corn flake crumbs for preparing various empanadas and frying batters.

Crispy golden crumbs and delicious crust. The golden crust on fried products plays the role of a protective cover, which preserves the good qualities of the prepared meat, fish or vegetables.

The product can serve for thickening soups or sauces, as a binder in minced meat and vegetable patties or for flouring baking forms. Confectioners can use it for example in apple roll cakes (to thicken the apple filling) or as an ingredient in certain doughs. And last but not least, the product can be used for preparing a single-varietal cornmeal porridge.

Nutritional values in 100 g of mix:

Gluten content:





Energy: 1540 kJ/364 kcal; fat: 2.9 g; USFA: 0.4 g, carbohydrates: 76 g; sugar: 0.7; fibre: 3 g; protein: 6.9 g; salt: < 0.01 g

Under 20 mg in 1 kg of product

100% Corn crumbs

Dry storage, relative humidity not exceeding 75%, closed well

12 months  

1 kg, 15 kg



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